What's with the name?

Eliot? Well, sure it sounds like there are two "L"s in there, but mine is the simple version. And yes, in Spanish I"m "El Iot" but I've been unable to ascertain what "Iot" might mean in Spanish. Sorry.

Oh, the company name? Why "Mercury Motos"?

First, what the name isn't: Its not because we have a junkyard dog keeping watch on a bunch or old Mercury cars, and we like to drop trailing 'r's.

Nope, not at all.

The name combines two elements - "Mercury" is of course the old Greek god Hermes, re-cast by the Romans as Mercury. Mercury is something of a jack-of-all-trades, tasked with Financial Gain, Communications, Commerce, Eloquence, looking after travelers, marking boundaries, dispensing luck and more ... such as guiding sounds of the departed to the underworld, and for some reason helping out Liars. We'll ignore those last two. If you're a non-profit looking to build bonds with your constituents through a website and email communications, to raise money and look after the needs of your constituents - well, wouldn't you like this fellow on your side? Oh, and he's got great shoes!

"Motos" is the suggestion of the classic motor-scooter that is often associated with Vespa, and that persists today in modern form. They're mostly function: simple two-wheelers, inexpensive, intuitive and easy-to-operate, agile ways to get from A to B. Unlike more powerful (and heavy) motorcycles, scooters don't have power you'll never use, and they work equally well with suits and skirts, they're nimble and just plain fun. And they have elegant lines.

So our friend Mercury provides the flash, cash and sweet words, but that scooter keeps it simple, easy and reliable. You get simple, functional websites that are easy to use, and get your organization from A to B. Oh, and they allow you to keep the $ flowing to your programs instead of programming!

Makes sense now, doesn't it?

* and yes ... why in the world would Mercury ride a scooter? I mean he's got wings on his shoes! Well, who says he rides them? Maybe he builds them?