Working on websites for non-profits is a second professional turn for Eliot. After years in graduate schools of business, researching, teaching, staring at statistics it all just became too many angels on the heads of pins, too many people looking for the keys under the street light instead of where they were actually dropped.

When his eldest daughter got involved with the Madison Ballet, so did Eliot. The need was obvious - too many non-profits are (rightfully) so focused on their missions and scarce resources that they don't have the technical depth needed to determine their needs, build systems and maintain them. Many non-profits turn to expensive providers of powerful, proprietary solutions - but in many cases its wasted power because the organization doesn't need that much power.

So now Eliot combines an academic background in business and corporate strategy, statistics, and effective organizations with free to use open-source software to build low-cost, low-maintenance yet powerful systems for non-profits.